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     The alternative fuel industry in the United States is at a crossroads, and the next decade will determine if this new industry will embark on a major expansion that will allow it to make significant contributions to rural economic development, improvements in urban air quality and the energy security of our country.

     Pennsylvania is one of our Nation's biggest agricultural producers, with production facilities processing exponential volumes of agricultural resources on a daily basis. As a result there is a sizable accumulation of waste resources that can be used in the processing of alternative fuels. This being said, Pennsylvania is geographically located to capitalize on this newly developing industry.

     With this in mind, the decsion was made to incorporate the Clean and Green Fuels Fund, a non-profit, non-partisan corporation dedicated to the advancement, development, and implementation of alternative fuel technologies. Our goal is to generate public, economic, and financial support for the multitude of industries that can significantly contribute to the advancement of this newly fostered industry. Learn More

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